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After the world witnessed the unlawful killing of US citizen, George Floyd in May of this year there has been a staggering reaction and outpouring of anguish, support and anger on a global scale. The Scottish Black Lives Matter trail was started by Wezi Mhura (link to trail/Wezi’s website ), to showcase Scotand’s growing BAME artist community and their amazing work up and down the country, with installations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and more. The trail will highlight that racial inequality and injustice still very much exists and extends far beyond the borders of the US in many forms.

All the artists whose work is found on the trail have infused their emotion and experience into their work and show just some of racial inequalities still prevalent in even this country. The artist’s have backgrounds from all over the world from Pakistan, the US, Papua New Guinea and many more with just as much variety in the pieces with sculptures, photography, street art, figurative art and more all being showcased.

The trail can be picked up at sites from the centre of town to University campuses, stops on the trail will be numerous, striking and worth stopping to take a moment to appreciate each unique piece of art, the artist behind it and just what they’re trying to tell the world.


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