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A graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone art college, Suzanne is a fine artist with a strong focus on those people and places she feels connected to as to her this is where the true beauty and scope of the human experience can be found. Suzanne primarily works with oils and canvas with a focus on the human form.

Her work also includes installations and sculpture, expanding on her portrayal of the beauty inherent in the human form.

For Suzanne life is about connections, to our family, our friends and to the world around us. Connection is what gives meaning to what might be otherwise inconsequential. Through portraiture and captured stills, her art focuses on the person and how they feel in that frozen instance. It aims to capture those small moments of connection and truly convey the emotion and depth under the surface of a captured image.

Through en plein air painting, Suzanne provides the opportunity to see and appreciate the natural beauty of the world we see all around us and again using oils on canvas she aims to capture small windows of the often understated beauty of the Scottish landscape.

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